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Much like the rivers that run through Baldwin County’s scenic countryside, art flows through the veins of generations of creators and dreamers who call our cities home. Galleries, cultural events, art festivals—we got it all.

125 By the end of 2022, there were 125 Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation establishments in Baldwin County
180+ independent artists, writers, and performers call Baldwin County home
2% job growth rate year over year in this industry
$9min GDP produced by independent artists, writers, and performers for Baldwin County, AL in 2022

Eastern Shore Art Center

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of creativity at the Eastern Shore Art Center—where artistic legacy meets modern expression. Established in 1952, the dynamic hub has evolved over 50 years into a masterpiece of five galleries and four studios. Join them for monthly exhibits, captivating art walks, and engaging outreach programs.

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Foley Art Center

Unleash your creativity with Foley Art Center—your cultural haven in South Baldwin since 1966. From empowering art classes to supporting local teachers, this nonprofit is dedicated to advancing and building public awareness of the value and impact of arts, culture, and creativity on our youth and communities.

Gulf Coast Arts Alliance

Embark on a cultural odyssey in Gulf Shores with the Gulf Coast Arts Alliance—a non-profit organization devoted to enriching the arts along the Alabama coast. With the lively Art Markets in Waterway Village to the annual Ballyhoo Festival at Gulf State Park in March, the Alliance is your gateway to a dynamic arts community.

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Coastal Arts Center

Discover 10,000 sq. ft. of an expansive fine-art campus perched above the scenic Wolf Bay, where a sprawling gallery presents mesmerizing creations by Gulf Coast artists within an airy two-story setting. Immerse yourself in interactive artistry at the Hot Shop, Alabama’s leading hot glass-blowing studio, where you can shape a glass masterpiece or venture into the world of clay at our Clay Studio, perfect for wheel-throwing and hand-building enthusiasts.


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